Zine Challenge

The Zine Challenge is a personal challenge to make a zine within a year. It’s great to kickstart your next zine project or an extra push for first time zinemakers to finally give it a go.

The first Zine Challenge was in 2010 and was issued following a zine workshop at Welcome Home, hosted by me and Jen Collins. There were quite a few zines completed by participants.

Join in!

If you’d like to take up the zine challenge, just sign up and make your pledge to publish a zine before July 1st 2013. 

The rest is up to you! It’s a personal challenge so there are no other rules and no-one will be nagging you. However, if you need some nagging, you can add this badge to your blog so people will ask you about your zine and keep the pressure on!


To make things more fun, I’m offering some incentives for finished zines. Send me a copy of your finished zine and next July I’ll enter everyone into a prize draw for a big pack of zines. 

I’ll also do a round-up of finished zines at the end, whether or not you decide to enter the contest.

Need some help?

If you’re not quite sure how to make a zine, how to get it printed or what you want to write about, check out Let’s Make Zines!, my mini zine about zinemaking. You can also ask questions, post progress photos and have a chat over at the Zine Challenge Flickr Group.